7 Pieces That Are Currently In My Saved Items Folder


Last year we started the practice of “smart shopping”. Basically, we buy only what we need and try to resist the lure of sales and cluttering up our closet. And we have to say that we are doing great! To stop us from barging in Mango and buying out the whole store, we make a list of things we need first.

We prefer internet shopping over shopping in stores, it’s more practical and easier to stop, take your time and think about each item. The only downside is that we cannot touch the materials, haha.

sale items


One of the items we really wished to catch on sale this year were boots. We already have black, but the ones with some kind of pattern that will lift the whole minimal outfit, we still don’t have. Animal print has been in style for the past couple of years, and we can say now that it has became a classic. Because of that, we’ve been searching for months to find perfect boots, looking through every patter that might suit us. Yeah, sometimes it’s funny how much we pay attention to details.  Zara had few of them this season, and leather cowboy, mid heel caught our eye.

This winter we noticed that we are low on thicker knitwear. Mango and H&M have a nice selection. Material is crucial to us when it comes to pullovers. Wool is the best choice, but sometimes it itches and “pinches”, so to avoid that, we opt for mixture of materials. Merino, cashmere, angora and mohair are great. H&M 100% cashmere pullover is currently on sale for 69€,  and pullover in beautiful mustard from & other stories is 40€.

sale items

You wouldn’t believe when we tell you that we don’t have a single basic white buttoned down shirt in our closet. & other stories has an oversize, but they are out of size 36 unfortunately, only striped ones are available. So we turned to Mango. Mango never fails us, they kick ass when it comes to basic stuff and we found what we were looking for.

Overalls are one of our favorite pieces, When we’re in a hurry, they’re the fastest to put on, and you still look like you’ve put effort in your outfit. This COS is on sale. Popular handbags with beads unfortunately reach high prices, so thank the heavens for Zara. If you need accessories that will freshen up your jeans and white shirt, this bag is a perfect choice. Isn’t it cute? We were also happy with sales in Missoma. Check out their bracelets, classic with a dose of modern. Prices are now 50€.

Tell us what did you catch on sale? And how did you liked our choices?


photo: Zara, Mango, H&M,COS,Other Stories