5 Linen Summer Pieces That We Can´t Live Without


As the summer approaches, our battle against the heat starts. One of the most important tactics is certainly wearing airily clothes that will not “suffocate” your skin. Because of that, we always for wearing linen clothing during summer. This airily material is loved by basically everyone, but those few who don’t like it usually complain about creasing. We personally don’t mind it, it gives it character. This material is made from the fibers of the flax plant, and it’s maintenance is very easy. Wash it on low temperatures and never, and we mean never iron it on high temperatures because it will shrink.

Every year, with the first rays of sunshine, majority of brands put linen pieces in their collections and in today’s article we bring you our 5 favorites. 

Mango is perfect if you like somewhat classical clothing pieces. This dress is medium length with a classic cut, and what makes it perfect is linen and plaid pattern. These type of dresses are great and very simple to wear; all you need are flat sandals and a weaved bag. Beautiful, right?


Although we mostly buy dresses during summer, white shirt is a true summer classic, right? It will be perfect for going to the beach or the pool, and you can easily transform it into a dinner combination with a nice skirt and sandals. An eternal classic indeed.


We’ve been planning on buying a summer suit for a long time. This is a very quick way to get ready and look like you’ve really put a lot of effort. And don’t get us started on how chic you can look wearing it. Although they’re usually worn in spring and autumn, summer linen suits look just phenomenal.


Scarf as an accessory is not only reserved for winter. It serves us well every year, either as a hair accessory or a bag decoration. There are numerous other ways to use it, especially if it’s linen.


Definitely one of our favorite clothing pieces. Easy to wear and combine with, and they always look amazing!


photo: zara, mango outlet, mango

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