Simple, White F**k Off Shirt


white shirt


Do you sometimes have that type of day when you don’t want to have any type of communication with the world? You surely do! We have it at least once a month, especially during those „delightful days“. When that days hit us, we don’t have the willpower communicating with people, and everybody gets on our nerves, but even during those days we have to get out in the world and carry out our duties. So, during those times of crisis, it would be perfect to have some sort of warning sign to let people know that we are potentionally dangerous and that we might get agressive and bite them.

A few years ago, we used to adore shirts, wore them almost every day, until we got weary of them. Shirts became dull, and today we only wear those that are a little oversize fitted and make our outfits more laidback but at the same time elegant. Slim fitted shirts are in our closet waiting for better days to come. One day, while checking my Facebook news feed, a piece that could end our weariness towards slim fitted shirts had catched my eye.

The shirt was from Antea Arizanović and Jovana Bozović and their brand Remake. We have been following their work for some time now, and have to admit that their uniquely decorated porcelain cups delight us. But I digress, this is a post about shirts, so let’s get back to them. A regular white shirt, in Remake’s case, is everything but regular. This F**k off shirt is cool, unique, and definitely with character, this is a shirt that we would love to have in our closet. If you ask us, a white shirt has never looked better. Remake’s store is located in Belgrade, and we are not sure if they ship internationaly, but this shirt is worth to check it out for, or even plan a trip to Belgrade fro, why not?

Photo: Remake Facebook

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