Favorites of 2015


tia teilli

Today we were thinking of doing something different and share with you some of our favourites that we loved during 2015. We would like to kick off with oxford shoes, not so long ago we wrote about mens oxford shoes, but we have to admit that we love them both. Mens shoes can look pretty cool, those pictured are from Asos. Aside from looking great, they are comfy too. Price was around 25$, and were bought last year. My phone case was in a terrible state, so it was time for getting a new one. I was recomended this website (Headcase) and was astounded with a huge choice. I picked a pink one with bunnies, it’s really cute and constantly getting praises for it. Best of all, it’s not expensive and delivery took less than a week. If you’re one of those who’s eyesight is unfortunately not so good anymore, eyeglasses are essential for you.  In a veeery long search, and by that i mean a almost a year-long search, I finally found ones that i like and are not expensive like taking a holiday in Bahamas. Brand is Godo, they have a wooden frame which is super light and I enjoy wearing them. I got a lipstick from Loreal as a present, it doesn’t dry up the lips, it has a nice coral and it definitely earned it’s place in this list. Middle sized skirt from Zara is warm and is ideal for cold autumn and winter days. Getting down to cosmetics, Bioderma Atoderm nourishing cream is excellent as any other product from this french brand. It cherishes dry skin, keeps it hydratized and it has no smell.  A couple of more products that defend us from cold and dry weather. I bought this lip balm early last year, and i’ve been faithfully using it since, it’s a real lip defender, it’s not greasy or sticky and it smells like caramel. A definite thumbs up from us! After lip balm, we got a SOS Wonder , a natural neem balm, i our collection. We use it for absolutely everything, mosquito bites in the summer  and for dark circles everyday.


Photo: Tia Tielli
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