Easy Splatter Nail Art Tutorial


Splatter Nail Art


We love searching Pinterest for cool and unique nail art. From cute little dots, simple nude or amazing prints, nail art is probably the best way to show our creativity and have fun. Yep… it gets quite messy, and sometimes the results aren`t as we expected. But at the end… at least we tried.

Have you ever heard about Splatter Nails? We recently found out about that, and decided to give it a try. It looked pretty easy, and the result is „wow“.


Splatter Nail Art

So let`s do this….

All you need is:

  • drinking straw
  • white nail polish
  • three other nail polishes ( we opt for baby blue, pink, and black)

Apply white nail polish and allow it to dry. Dip your drinking straw into the baby blue polish and then blow it onto each nail. Do the same thing with pink and black nail polish. Clean any excess polish with nail varnish remover.

Tip: Before doing this, apply vaseline on the skin around nails so you can easily remove nail polish from it afterwards.

Splatter Nail Art

photos: Tia Teilli

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