DIY All Natural Cream Highlighter at Home


I have a little confession to make… I am literally obsessed with highlighting! Seriously, I think a little bit of highlighter can cure anything, literally ANYTHING! It makes my skin glow, look healthy and dewy. Basically, it infuses a little bit of life into my look.


diy natural cream highlighter

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to find the shade that actually matches your skin tone – we’ve all been there. But with handmade highlighter you can use different micas to suit your skin tone. So today I decided to show you how to make your own all natural cream highlighter at home. It is so easy to make and it really does it all!


How To Make Your Own Natural Highlighter

All you need is:

1 tbsp almond oil

1 tsp coconut oil

2 tsp beeswax

1 tsp white or reflective mica powder


Combine beeswax and coconut oil in double boiler and heat until fully melted. Now add almond oil and mica bit by bit to this mixture. Mix well with the spatula and pour into container. Use a small spoon or a toothpick and continuously stir the highlighter in the container as it begins to cool. This will keep the mica powder from settling at the bottom of the container. Let it harden. And that is all! Easy, right?


How to Apply Highlighter

I love to apply highlighter on the cheeks, under the brow and above the lip area in the cupid’s bow. Also, if I want to look more awake, I apply a bit of highlighter on the inner corner of my eyes.

Here is complete guide by Style Caster.


Do you wear highlighter? What are your favorite ways to apply it?


If you give this DIY a try, we would love to see how it turned out! Tag us on Instagram @tiateilli or use hashtag #tiateilli.


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