DIY: Lavender Candle


lavender candle

We’re approaching our favorite season, Autumn. Colors, textures and cold and refreshing rains, now it`s perfect time to see Autumn in all its glory.  Cozy, comfy feeling, soft and warm blankets, favorite TV show and of course candles. So, we come up with a good idea, to make  a lavender candle. After a few attempts , which were originally unsuccessful , we didn`t give up and we made our candle. If you have  remains of  old used candles and you want to recycle , or just want to be creative, this post is for you.

You will need:

  • Old candles
  • Jar
  • Wicks
  • lavender essential oil

Lets begin:

First, hot glue the bottom of the candle wicks to the bottoms of your glass jars, being sure to place them in the center of the jar. The remains of the old candle place in the pot. Turn the flame to medium or medium high and let the wax melt. Now it`s time to turn off heat, and let the wax cold a bit. If you pour warm wax in a jar, in candle it will remain a hollow ( believe me, I speak from the experience).  Add few ounces of essential oil of your choice, we add lavender oil and carefully pour the wax into each container.

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