DIY Faux Clay Vases/ With Paint +Baking Soda


Beautiful terracotta vases have always been a part of the interior and exterior. Their neutral colors fit perfectly into any home – whether its modern, rustic, or traditional. Thanks to the Tick Tock, we discovered a great trick in achieving that same terracotta style with the help of baking soda and paint. You must be wondering now why soda? Well, exactly that ingredient will give that ‘terracotta finish’ and structure. You do not need certain skills for this DIY, it is very simple, so with your supervision, your children can also do it. What we like about this DIY is that you can easily adapt it to your style, by choosing colors. If you want to achieve a neutral terracotta look, choose earth tones colors such as brown and orange. For a completely minimal look, choose white. And for color lovers and those a little bolder, pastel colors.

What does the procedure look like? To get started, first choose the vases or pots you would like to repaint. It is always nice to reuse and repurpose and give a new life to old things, but if you don’t have old vases and pots, look for them at flea markets or, like us at Ikea, for less than $3.

You can do this DIY on almost all materials, glass, plastics, ceramics. If you are going to paint glass vases, just be sure to paint only the outside of the pot.

All you need for this little project:

1 cup of water-based paint (about 250ml)

3 tablespoons of baking soda (45g)

a vase or any item you want to paint

paint brush


Mix the color with 45g of baking soda – you will get a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the vase by tapping lightly. If the vase made of glass, you will need to apply two coats. Let it dry and that’s it.