DIY: Bleeding Halloween Candles + Best Horror Movies


There’s no doubt here that we are huge fans of Halloween! It really brings the best in us. We can be creative, and make true masterpieces from nothing (at least we think so). Every year we buy a few pumpkins, and try to make the scariest and spookiest faces possible, we make it like a little competition. This year we are throwing a Halloween party, decorations are ready, but we still haven’t decided on which spooky mask we’re going to wear, do you have any suggestions?

As we already said, we really love being creative, so we found a cool and really easy DIY on Pinterest, probably the easiest that we ever done. It is bleeding Halloween candles.  So we decided to share it with you. Let’s go!


Bleeding candles


All you need:

– White candle

– Red candle

– lighter

Place your white candle on a piece of paper or into a candle holder. Now light your red candle and let it drip down onto the edge and sides  of the white candle. Let everything dry, easy right?

And this is not all, we love to have movie nights, and watching horror movies few days before Halloween became a tradition. So we decided to, as well as the last year, share with you our best horror movies, here is our list:

Halloween movies


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photos: Tia Teilli

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