Winter Hair Care Routine


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While the winter months are upon us, it’s time to start thinking not only about Christmas decoration and endless cups of hot cocoa, but also about our hair. Dry and cold weather can really damage the hair, not to mention the frizz mess. It’s the worse, right?!

So here are the steps how we avoid looking like Hagrid in the winter protect and care our hair in winter.


We’ve been a fan of coconut oil for a really long time, it makes our hair shinier and stronger, and best of all it works great for reducing the frizz.

We apply it as a mask once a week, before washing a hair. We just rub 2 or 3 tbsp of coconut oil between our hands to warm it up, and then apply it on our hair gently. And keep this on our hair for an hour or two.


The key is to moisture. So in winter we always try to invest in richer and creamy shampoo and conditioner.


We lovee this!! Our hair after this is so soft and the smell… ah, perfection! It also massage the scalp, clean it from everyday pollution and prevent the clogging of the pores. (Biobaza Detox exfoliating shampoo).


We don’t know about you guys, but when the Fall/ Winter season starts, so does our scalps start loosing more hair. So we are always looking for a shampoo, or any other product, that will make our hair stronger and also stimulate regrowth. Have you heard about FolliOne hair line? Because hair loss can be caused by different reasons, this entire line consist of 6 products dedicated to hair loss treatment. From scalp treatment serum, hair loss shampoo, to hair nutrition, there is no need to look further if you want to make you hair stronger and prepare it for battle against that unpleasant hair loss.

Maybe the most intriguing part for us was that these products use specially prepared maize syrup to carry the active ingredients onto the scalp instead of using alcohol or any other irritable solvents. Because, why would you want to irritate you already vulnerable scalp by putting alcohol or any other irritants on it? Also, substances that are alcohol soluble, oftenly crystalize on the scalp, making them reach their goal in really low concentrations. On the other hand, FolliOne products use water soluble ingredients, making them reach the folicules in much higher concentration, making them more effective.

Also, instead of using herbal extracts, these products use pure pytochemicals, which are the active ingredients in these herbal extracts anyway. Basically, it cuts out the middleman and goes straight to the source, which is always a good thing.

We really did our homework on this one, wouldn’t you say?

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  • Meera
    November 13, 2017

    Great tips! I definitely need to get some coconut oil for my hair.

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  • Tia Teilli
    November 18, 2017

    thank you πŸ™‚