Three Natural Deodorants That Will Change Your Life For The Better


For the last few years I’ve been using only natural deodorants. I’ve made that choice after reading an article that popped up on my Facebook feed. I actually then realised  that the skin is our biggest organ and that it absorbs absolutely everything we put on its surface. And it only takes 6 minutes for that! At times, we really can’t control some  of the things that affect our health, but we can and need to choose the right deodorant!

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Article that I’ve read explained very nicely, professionally and in great detail why we should be careful when picking out deodorants, I’m sure that I won’t be able to explain it that well. But, you can always google it, right?

Conventional deodorants contain a number of harmful elements, some of them being aluminum and parabens. And those are often connected  with breast cancer and Alzheimer disease. Parabens are preservatives that are really bad for our health. Aluminum is known for clogging up pores and sweat glands, preventing sweating. You might think: well, that’s why I use it in the first place! But, trust me, our body needs to sweat, it expels toxins and other harmful substances this way and also regulates temperature. Sweating is healthy, and we only don’t want to leave unpleasant scent behind us. Triclosan is also another ingredient found in deodorant that we don’t want on our skin.

When you switch to natural deodorants, you will need to go through the process of getting used to it. One time, my friend told me: „Look, natural deodorants don’t help me at all, I’m sweating even more and don’t smell very nicely either“. Your body needs to detox itself, give it some time, about a month will do. Trust me, it will be worth it. But, let’s go now to the review of natural deodorant that I’ve been using for the last year or so.

SCHMIDT’S Rose Vanilla

This is certainly amongst the most popular deodorants. It comes in a plastic packaging, stick shape and has 75g. It has a gorgeous rose and vanilla scent. It is elegant, refined and not at all suffocating and sweet. It doesn’t contain any harmful substances. I have noticed that it has a really long lasting effect, and that you only need to apply a small amount of it. As for its shortcomings, it leaves yellow stains on white and brightly colored clothes. When I noticed them, I started only applying it while wearing dark clothes. Also, I need to mention that if you’re going to apply it during winter months, you will need to warm it up a little first before applying.

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URTEKRAM ROLL – ON deo crystal rose

Urterkram is a danish brand of natural organic cosmetics. Their factory is in northern Denmark and all of their products have ecological certificates, they are vegan and don’t contain chemicals and synthetic presevatives. Again I opted for rose scent, but it is different in comparison to the one from Schmidt’s. This scent has more freshness to it, it has a hint of mint although it’s not mentioned in deodorant’s ingredient list. This hypoallergenic deodorant is shaped like a crystal, and it is a crystal rock with mineral origin. And because of this rock, bacteria simply vanishes. Roll on is simple to use when compared to Schmidt’s which you need to warm up before using. It doesn’t leave stains and it’s very gentle and light on your skin. Only downsize is that it doesn’t last that long, but you can always apply it againg, right?

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BEN & ANNA Vanilla orchid

Benn & Anna are deodorants with completely natural ingredients. What i immediately liked is their packaging, made from from recycled old paper. It also a 100% vegan product, that has not been tested on animals. Their deodorants contain ingredients like shea butter and baking soda. I have noticed its easy application, it doesn’t leave an oily film on the skin and it is very gentle. I’ve opted for a vanilla orchid scent which is very tender and mild. This deodorant is highly recommended for sensitive skin. Scent is subtle and very calming.

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