This Multipurpose Balm is Amazing – and It’s Natural and Vegan

multipurpose balm vegan
LO Amsterdam Balm – Scarlet

We’re all huge fans of creamy blushes and multipurpose balms here at TIA TEILLI. Nothing can create that healthy, dewy look like these guys do. Creamy balms are perfect for girls with dry skin and lips because they are super hydrating. And we definitely need all the hydration we can get, right?! Especially on winter days.

Today, we’ll talk about multipurpose balm by LO Amsterdam. We’ve never heard about this company before, and we were quite surprised ( positively!). They offer a wide range of shades to choose from, ranging from timeless nude color to beautiful pink shades and red. We’ve opted for Scarlet color, which was apparently their most popular one. It’s like spicy red with a beautiful subtle shimmer.

multipurpose balm LO Amsterdam
LO Lip and Cheek Balm Scarlet

Packaging of LO Amsterdam Balm

We can’t say this often – it’s an all-natural product from top to bottom. The packaging is made of 100% natural frosted glass, and walnut lids are made of FSC certified wood. It’s also so cute and travel-friendly.

Formula and Texture of the Multipurpose Balm

The balm is an absolute dream to wear and it will not only give you that perfect color but also a healthy glow. The formula is all you would look for in a vegan, natural multipurpose balm. It has no mineral oils and toxins, no petroleum, is paraben-free and is vegan and cruelty-free. The texture of LO Amsterdam balm is very creamy, yet non-sticky and feels lightweight. It is super easy to apply and has a natural tone with teeny tiny sparkle.

vegan lip balm

How to Apply It

The best way to apply this multipurpose balm is with your fingers – just gently dab it on the lips and blend it up. We love to also apply it on our cheekbones and our eyelids, for a more natural ”no-makeup” look.

Multipurpose Balm Price

For the price of €32, you will get 4.5g / 0.24 fl oz of the product. We know, it is a bit of a splurge for a creamy balm, but we personally think the price is fair for the all-natural ingredients and quality of the product.

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