The Fall Hydration Essential: Sapunoteka

We love autumn! Countless cups of tea, Gilmore girls, horror movies, cookies, fireplace is up and running, candles, books…hygge at its best.

But, autumn is also the time when our skin gets dry. Raise your hands if you’re like me! I’m sure that there’s more of us than those with flawless skin that doesn’t peel or feels itchy. Oof, I get chills just writing about it. Before, I would just go to DM and get any body cream with a good scent not really reading the ingredients on packaging. I wasn’t really paying attention to that, nor to my skin. But, as time goes passes by, I started to bring more thought into what will I put on and into my body. With hydration, it is important, of course, to drink a lot of fluids, tea, soups…Also, eating more fruits and veggies. I’ve been using oils and thermal water a lot in the last few years, but last year I discovered Sapunoteka body creams. We already praised them, and we still love them. We are thrilled by your positive feedback and that your trust when we said good things about them.


Their Hazelnut, tea tree and bergamot face cream is still one of our favorites when it comes to facial care ( you can read the article here). We also talked about Pumpkin body lotion, definitely one of our favorite lotions. It hydrates wonderfully, and scent is really long lasting. I thought that it couldn’t get better, but then i tried Almond lotion. Oh my God! Perfection! Scent is gentle, but long lasting. Structure is light, it has a very good spread, and propably the biggest plus is that it gets absorbed very quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy layer on your skin. As always, ingredients in Sapunoteka’s products are very, very high quality. Shea butter, almond oil, olive oil…There is also vanilla along with almonds. Although I’m not a huge fan of vanilla(they oftenly feel artificial to me), this is not the case here, it is very gentle. I noticed that my skin has recovered in a very short period of time. Spots where i had eczema have recovered very quickly.

But to be honest, I expected nothing less from Sapunoteka.

Because of Corona virus, we wash our hand more oftenly, and we use more cream. Badem&Kakao hand cream hydrates but doesn’t leave a greasy skin layer. A huge plus for me! Honestly, there’s nothing worse then having greasy hands and having to wait for cream to absorb. It’s probably worse then painting your nails and having to waith for the nail polish to dry. Like most of Sapunoteka’s products, this cream is also packed in aluminium tube, which not only looks great, but also protects the product. This cream has cold presses cocoa butter, vanilla essential oil, cold presses almond oil and apricot seeds. Scent is quite different than you would expect after reading the ingredients, cocoa and almond. It has a luxury and gentle scent. Definitely one of the better creams that I tried. You can find these products on Sapunoteka’s website.