5 Simple Beauty Tricks To Deal With A Bad Skin Day


bad skin day fix


It happens to all of us. Bad skin day. We all get through it, right? A pimple here, panda eye circles there. And what irritates us the most, is that the ‘bad skin day’ always seem to pop up at the worst of times. Like, taking a picture for ID (Ugh..).

But through out the years we have learned what works best for our skin, and also few tricks that like magic, turn our skin from dull and flaky to the glowy and healthy. In just a few minutes. Here is our secret:


Trick number 1 #face masks

We are obsessed with face masks. As we both have combination skin, which tends to fluctuate from super oily to dry, face masks really do wonders. We really love trying out new masks, but we always come back to the Clean Skin Black Mineral Mask from Avon, which really purifies pores and evens out our skin in general.


Trick number 2 #concealer

Having a badass concealer is a MUST! It’s a real-life eraser tool, just a few dabs and all the blemishes and imperfections will instantly disappear. We love Soft Matte Complete Concealer by Nars. It is the holy grail of concealers. It stays all day, it looks very natural, and it covers the most stubborn blemishes.


bad skin day fix

Trick number 3 #ice

Ice is your skincare hero. Believe us. Not only it can reduce redness, but it is also a great way to get the blood flowing and brighten your complexion. We found out about this on Lisa Eldridge Youtube Channel, and we absolutely love it! Treating your skin with ice is also great to get rid of under eye bags and pimples.


Trick number 4 #moisturize

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Layering a serum or a facial oil can really ramp up skin glow and radiance. Especially if you are having a problem with dull, dry skin.

Our favorites are definitely Argan oil and Avene Hydrance Light Emulsion…


Trick number 5 #toothpaste

This is our emergency pimple treatment. And it works! Just a little dab of toothpaste on a pimple, and few minutes after, it is gone.



bad skin day fix



When it comes to makeup and getting that professional look in just a few minutes, beauty bloggers definitely know the best. We asked three amazing beauty bloggers to share their makeup tricks and secrets when they’re having a bad skin day, here is what they said.



BLOG: lyndsonline.com

For bad skin days (and they certainly do happen to everyone!) instinct would be to cover blemishes in layers and layers of product.

My trick is actually to use one layer of a full coverage concealer, on top of CC cream. The Makeup Revolution concealer is one I’d recommend to all! The Colour Correcting Cream reduces redness and concealer covers. Too many layers can make things worse!! 



BLOG: charlinehasablog.blogspot.com

I’d say my trick is never to put extra skin care products on my face as that won’t solve the problem, or at least not immediately. My life saviour on a bad skin day is concealer! As much as I’d like to put on a full coverage foundation, it probably won’t even be enough if I have serious breakouts on my face, so a good long-lasting full-coverage concealer should usually do the trick. If I really have to name-drop, lately I’ve found that the Nars Soft Matte concealer works really well for covering those nasty breakouts.



BLOG: 365beautytips.com

When I’m having a bad skin day, I spot conceal using my color correcting concealer palette and apply two layers of any high coverage foundation I have at the moment. I always use primer + setting spray to make sure all those layers stay in place. Also, I focus on my eye makeup and blend in darker colors to create a dramatic look and bring attention to my eyes. This way, the pimples are concealed and harder to notice next to the bold eye look!


4 Responses
  • Ana
    August 27, 2018

    Awesome post!
    I love the bit about face masks – everyone should have a treatment at least once a week! Face masks instantly refresh the skin and make it all clean and glowing – who doesn’t want that? :)).
    Oh and thank you so much for the feature <3

  • Lupe
    August 30, 2018

    This is such a cool post, especially when you mentioned ice as a good way of treating eye bags. I’ve heard of toothpaste being used before as pimple cream as well

  • Laura
    August 30, 2018

    Thanks for sharing these tips, my skin is like proper mine field at the minute (thanks stress you are a babe, NOT). I am curious to try out the NARS concealer after my Naked Skin one runs out x

    P.S your blog looks gorgeous!

    Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com/

  • October's Lallu
    August 31, 2018

    Such a cool post! Personally, I mostly depend on face masks + hydrating creams + never applying too much make-up, because my skin is suffering & it must breath <3