Self-Care Rituals at Home


In the last year, since the Corona virus took over our lives and changed them completely, we had to learn to deal with a lot of things. Things that we, until that point, considered normal and haven’t appreciate them nor gave them importance, are the things we yearn for the most. We all kind of thought that everything will be over quickly and we just need to be patient for a month or so. But that soon turned to 3 months, then 6 and now is over a year. And our old normal is not even close to today’s normal. We all tried to cope with the given situation as best as we could. We miss traveling, coffee with friends, hanging out without fear of catching the virus. We miss our loved that we lost because of this pandemic. Corona virus really got under our skin, we’re afraid to shake our friend’s hand, we’re afraid to visit our elderly relatives…It all went so far that when we’re watching a tv show or a movie and we seesomeone hugging or kissing we instinctively go: “where are their masks?”.

During this pandemic, we had to keep our minds healthy, and maybe start working more on ourselves, on our body and spirit. We started exploring what we like and we became more creative than ever before. We started to cook and bake more, to enjoy those little things in life that we don’t usually pay attention to. Everybody started their own new routine to be looking forward to every morning.

At the start of the pandemic, I gave myself one day per week for self care routine. This routine is something I used to do before, but not in the way I do it today. This year, self care if needed more than ever, and I start it by dry brushing my skin. Dry brushing removes dried out skin, is beneficial for circulation and it helps with detoxing. After dry brushing, I like to fill my bathtub with warm water. 

Bathtun filled with water and a few drops of lavander essential oil. Can it get better? YES, it can. Believe me. Light music always goes great with this. Sometimes, nature sounds will do the trick, which is very easy to find on youtube. And light up a few candles and turn on diffuser with a few drops of essential oils. This is how I always start my self care routine. There are a couple of products I discovered during this pandemic, and I brought them with me today. They all come from Afrodita Professional art of spa, and are absolutely fantastic. They are made from mostly natural ingredients, and they smell like you’re in a real spa center. And that is something we all really need right now. First, I start off with 100% spa cbd therapy peeling. This peeling not only smells incredible, but has a lot of beneficial effects. It reduces irritation, speeds up skin regeneration and it calms it down. After peeling, I put body butter, also from Afrodita Professional spa line. Lately, my skin has been really dry and this butter soothes and nourishes it. While in the tub, I like to put a face mask. When I need to feed my skin, I put regular yogurt.  I spread it over my face and keep it there for 10 minutes. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really have to. Result is gorgeously soft skin. Along with yogurt, I also use BHA2% peeling from Sapunoteka. It is very gentle, but it gets the work done splendidly.

I put mask on my hair, sometimes store bought, sometimes I make it myself.  Currently, night before washing my hair I put Kala oil from Soul tree Cosmetics. This is a natural oil that doesn’t contain any silicone and parabens. Then I wash my hair with Loreal professional shampoo and apply their dry oil afterwards. This combination is great for my hair. After bathing, mask, peeling and feeding my skin, I make myself a cup of tea.

I try to avoid too much coffee, one per day is my limit. Tea relaxes my, and I really love its taste. For the moment, I drink nettle tea. Although it might not taste that well to some, I really like it. But it’s not all in the taste, nettle is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, Vitamin A and C. It boosts immune system and protects you from allergies. It is great for body detox.

While I’m drinking my nettle tea, I like to give myself a face and body massage and this conclude my self care routine. I usually start off my face massage with gua sha stone and finish it with my hands. 10 mintues is enough for you to relax and to boost your circulation. As for the body, it is really difficult to massage it yourself, but if I only rub some oil on it, it’s enough to relax me. Sometimes I use regular coconut oil, sometimes from Afrodita and sometimes from Aromatica. It all depends on the mood.

I hope you enjoyed this long post, and also hope that I maybe persuaded you to give yourselves a little bit of time, to make some tea and give your body and spirit a big dose of love and affection. Your body deserves it!