Sapunoteka Hair Oil For Dry Hair Review


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Having a pretty, healthy and shiny hair is all that we want. And because of that, we are testing various hair products, shampoos, oils, masks… We could have an entire shelf dedicated to them. Our primary problem is a scalp that gets oily, very quick while the rest of the hair is very dry. Being that we love having long hair, taking care of it can be quite exhausting. Along with shampoo and hair balm, one thing we can live without is oil. We were really surprised when we read that a lot of hair “oils” have silicone and other ingredients that will do more harm than good. It is crucial to read the ingredients on the product to see if it has only oils or maybe some ingredients that you don’t wish to put on your hair. This oil from Sapunoteka is a true revelation. Firstly, the packaging, like with the most Sapunoteka’s products, is breathtaking. Retro tinted bottle, not only preserves the oil, but it also extends its expiration date. Second, the price. For only 4€ you will get a high quality oil, which does exactly what it’s advertised. Nurtures! Usually, prices for these kind of products are pretty high, so this is a big plus, especially if you apply it heavily like we do.

Ingredients are a mixture of macadamia, avocado, argan, olive and sesame oils. Essential oils of lavender and rose tree are also added to this mix.  It smells heavenly and you can use it only on the tips. Or, as we sometimes do, you can heat it a bit and apply it to entire hair and scalp and leave it over night.

You can order Sapunoteka’s products on their website or buy them in their store.


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