Review: Natural & Cruelty-Free Sapunoteka Face Moisturizers




We love trying out natural cosmetics, especially if it comes from Croatia. Sapunoteka is just that! Natural cosmetics, which evidently has a lot of effort and love invested in it. We were surprised when we learned that they designed the packaging themselves! Products are not tested on animals and soaps and creams are handmade and they use Eco friendly packaging. While on the subject of packaging, we have to say that it was love on first sight. Boxes made of raw carton are beautifully designed and they contain aluminium tubes. Tubes look very effective, and these type of tubes protect the ingredients from outside effects such as sunlight, they prevent oxidation, and squeezing out the content prevents it from being contaminated by fingers. Perfect, right?




We are usually afraid of testing face cream that are oil based because our skin reacts almost instantly with pimples. But desire for using natural cosmetics has encouraged us to give a chance to two creams. One is intended for greasy and problematic skin. Hazelnut, tea tree and bergamot face cream comes in a recognizable aluminium tube. It has 40ml and price is 100kn, which is a very reasonable and great price for a natural cream. As we already said, we are scared of oils, but on Sapunoteka’s website we learned that hazelnut, jojoba and primrose oils are non – comedogenic which gave us another courage boost. Ingredient that we particular liked is tea tree essential oil that has anti-bacterial properties and by that it helps reducing acne. Bergamot besides it’s excellent scent, helps with narrowing of the pores and reduces skin glow. After a longer usage of this cream, we noticed that our faces are cleaner and at the same time skin is not dry like it usually is when it comes to creams for greasy skin. We are really happy with this face cream, and the smell is just fantastic!


Sapunoteka krema za lice


Second cream that we occasionally add to our routine is Hydration Night face cream. Why do we say occasionally? We use hazelnut, tea tree and bergamot cream daily, in the morning and evenings, and we use this cream once or twice a week. We put it on at night like hydrating face mask. As we will be getting closer and closer to winter, we will surely use it more often.

Cream provides really deep hydration and is perfect for every skin type, especially for dry skin. But don’t let this scare you, it also contains non – comedogenic oils that are great for greasy and problematic skin. This night face cream contains squash, sesame and castor oil and hyaluronic acid which is great for hydration. This cream also contains bergamot essential oil. Smell is somewhat lighter then in the previous cream. We often use it instead of eye cream and it works like a charm! We forgot to mention that this cream comes in a 75ml tube with a price of 60kn. Ideal!


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