Peter Thomas Roth Scrub: Scrub That Really Works!


As the seasons change, so does our nutrition, wardrobe and cosmetics change as well. In the winter, our skin need more hydration, more masks to  feed and nourish it, but during the summer it is completely different. At least for my skin. Since the hot days and hot nights arrived, my skin has switched from normal to mixed. Meaning that it gets oily pretty quick, which clogs up the pores and creates acne. Because of this reasons, I completely change my cosmetics in the summer. In the winter, I don’t like using too much peeling, once a week is enough. As my skin demands more attention in the summer, I use more peeling. It boosts circulation and makes a more healthier and better complexion. And that’s why peeling is one step in a face care routine that I never skip! Skin releases “dead” cells, and they are responsible for clogged pores. By exfoliating our skin, we remove those cells, as well as other impurities, and that makes our skin more cleaner, prettier and balanced.

Peter Thomas Roth is a New York cosmetics brand. Peter is the founder, and he had envisioned making cosmetics with only the best and most luxurious ingredients. And it is no wonder that Peter has interest for skin health; his family owned spas in Hungary. His products are top quality, and with years it gained a lot of fans.

Acne Face & Body scrub is, as the name suggests, is used for body and face peeling. But, I only use it for my face. I could also say that I have been using almost on a daily basis for the last month or so. What suprised me is that it didn’t dried out my skin, not one bit. On the contrary, it looks very clean and glistening. Product contains 1% of salicylic acid which is great for treatment of acne and blackheads. Along with those, it also reduces the pores and balances skin’s complexion. Other ingredients are jojoba grains, which provide a gentle scrub, they are very tiny and gentle so you don’t have to worry about them irritating your skin. There is also glycolic acid, another ingredient great for skin health.

It replenishes your skin and it’s great if you have acne scars.

Glycolic acid is derived from plants (pineapple, sugar beet, sugar cane, unripe grapes), and out of all AHA acids, it goes in deeper layers of the skin with the most ease. On the other hand, salicylic acid (BHA acid) has anti-inflammatory, analgetic and antiseptic features, which works wonders if you have inflammatory process. irritation or skin redness.

I have to admit that this product exceeded my expectations. It is very gentle but at the same time it is very efficient.

I noticed that I have less pimples, my complexion is balanced, and it look more healthy. As for the packaging, it is very simple and great for traveling. Only complaint would be the big opening on the bottle as it releases more product than necessary.

I would recommend this product to anyone with mixed and greasy skin, for those with dry skin, bringing this product into the routine for one a week as a scrub would be enough. Product has a gentle and fresh scent which is alwas an additional plus for me

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  • Lucy
    July 9, 2021

    Great article as always 🙂

    • Tia Teilli
      July 30, 2021

      Thank you 🙂