Perfume Oil That You Can´t Resist


I’m sure that majority of you already has a small perfume collection. Looking for them in perfumeries can sometimes be described as when a kid enters a candy shop. We’re browsing through notes, sub-notes, trying them out to see how they interact with our skin…

Perfume oils are very concentrated, much more than toilet waters.

This makes the scent a lot more stronger and therefore longer lasting. Toilet waters are alcohol based and cause skin irritation. Perfume oils are quite the opposite as they actually nurture your skin.

Elegance My Nashe is a perfume oil made from completely natural ingredients. Long lasting scent of rose, jasmine and patchouli is mesmerizing. If you’re not a fan of strong perfumes and prefer more subtle, gentler and at the same time refined and elegant scents, then this perfume is for you. We fell in love with it at the first whiff. We also need to mention that it’s very easy to apply it. It comes in a small glass bottle with pipette which makes it easy to dose the right amount on your skin. But if you wish to carry it around in your purse, then we would suggest small glass bottles with rollerball. But this won’t really be necessary because perfume is really long lasting. Even after washing your hands, you can still smell it.

This perfume oil is made according to the ancient recipe, without any alcohol or fragrance enhancers. Base is castor oil in combination with almond oil. You might be worried by this base, but trust us, you’ll only need a single drop, spread it on your skin and it won’t leave a greasy trail. It is nicely apsorbed and you won’t feel it’s structure. Also, if you can’t decide on which one to choose, you can always take more and combine them to make your own special fragrance. Sounds great, right? We have to admit, My Nashe has really won us over.