Olaplex NO.3 – Is It Worth It Or Not?


I believe that there is not a person out there who hasn’t heard about Olaplex. Olaplex products are intended to help regenerate your damaged hair. Products are silicon sulfate free and they are not tested on animals. Also, Olaplex should restore your hair’s strength, improve its appearance and give it a glow that we all wish for. But, are all of those claims true? Is it worth to pay 220kn (33$) for a relatively small amount of product, 100ml to be exact? Find out  below.

As my otherwise thin hair became very damaged, dry and lifeless after treated with strands, I listened to everyone around me and bought Olaplex no3. I was surprised by a very small bottle, and although I thought I would spend it in one treatment, it lasted ten of them.

So, before washing your hair, you wet it lightly. Apply the product on damp hair. I think it is because of this process that the product withstood ten applications. I personally did not apply it on the scalp, I would start from the length around the ears, and apply the product all the way to the tips. Then it is very important to keep product on for at least 20 minutes. Best would be 2 hours or even more. Then wash your hair as usual.

After the first wash, hair was really soft, and I would comb it very lightly. After I used up the whole bottle, I really didn’t notice any great results. Except for soft hair. I believe you might get this result by holding any mask on your hair for two hours. At the same time, a lot of people swear by this mask, so maybe I should use it longer. I’m really not even sure. My hair is still dry, and for the cracked ends I still believe there is no cure other than scissors. I don’t think I’m going to buy this treatment again, at least not any time soon.