Nikel Eye Cream with Chestnut Review


The most sensitive area on my skin is certainly around the eyes. Dry skin and dark bags have been tormenting me for years. Creams, serums and oils for area around the eyes are definitive favorites of mine. I always try something new and always looking for something perfect. In my search, I always lean towards natural cosmetics, and because of that I opted for Nikel Eye Cream with chestnut.

Nikel is a natural cosmetics company fromCroatia founded by Mirjana Brlečić, mpharm. To this day, Nikel has developedover 70 different products, and constantly improving and innovating their wideselection.

After more than 6 months of trying out their Eye Cream, I can share with you my impressions and results. I must stress this again, skin around my eyes is dry and i have really dark bags under the eyes. Main ingredient of this cream is horse chestnut which has an anti-inflammatory effect, works great if you’re having varicose veins, cracked capillaries and also dark bags. Cream also has almond, which nurtures and strengthens the elasticity of the skin, soothes irritations, and also has an anti age effect and sun protection. Almond and horse chestnut are both abundant in vitamin E, a strong antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative stress and premature aging . It also hydrates the skin nurturing it with beneficial substances and makes it healthier. Ceramides is also an ingredient in this cream, and it regenerates the surface layer of the skin. And last ingredient but not the least, sweet orange. It helps with collagen production and helps with irritated skin. When you read about these ingredients, they all make a perfect skin cream, right?

Cream has a gentle scent, and it spreads very easily and it absorbs quite quickly. I would say that it serves great as a daily and under makeup cream. But because of its light texture, cream doesn’t seem so nutritive. Bags haven’t really reduced in size, but I haven’t expected that in the first place.

I would recommend this cream to those who need a light cream, but i don’t think that it would to those who have very dry skin and dark bags. But if you don’t have such problems and are in need of light and simple undermakeup cream, this one will serve you great.


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2 Responses
  • stylefrontier
    March 18, 2020

    this product looks amazing! unfortunately it’s not available in my country
    style frontier

    • Tia Teilli
      April 25, 2020

      Thank you 😉