What Is A Jade Roller? Is It Worth The Buy?


Jade rollers are popping up everywhere. Yes, they look amazing, but do they actually work?


jade roller review


Jade has been mined and worked in China since the Stone Age. The Chinese believed that these stones bring good luck, purity of spirit, clarity of mind and long life. There is one legend that tells about when China was invaded by the Tartar hordes, the dragons cried for the Chinese people, and those tears, when they reached Earth, changed to jade.

As jade has been the big part of Chinese culture and history, the complete history of jade rolling is really unclear. Many claim that the rollers have been invented during the Qing Dynasty, and been used by the Empress Dowager Cixi herself.

Who would ever thought that this ancient beauty tool will be such a huge hit today, right? So after reading so many reviews, curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to try this beauty tool for myself. I got mine on Ebay for less than $10. I opted for dual-ended version, featuring a big stone of pure jade on one end, and a smaller stone on the opposite end for use on smaller areas, like around the lips and eyes. But, there are so many version you can opt for, from rose quartz stone, to the textured and studded.

The most well-known benefits of jade rolling is minimizing puffiness and reducing eye bags, but it also should help smooth out fine lines, and relax facial muscles.


What do I think?


I have been using jade roller for a month now. I always wash my face, apply my serum or Argan oil and then began jade rolling along my cheeks, forehead, eyes, and jawline. In that way it enhances the absorption of product, and makes my skin glowy and smooth. Also, I have to mention, it is important to always roll in an upward motion. Here is a picture, for more details….


jade roller review


What i also love is to put a roller in a fridge before using… the coolness of the jade feel quite nice on my skin, and I think it really helpsΒ  to release tension in my face. And the massaging motion is perfect! I can do this all day. It almost feels like a little spa-like treatment.


If you like face massage and love trying out new product, then I think you should give these rollers a try.


What do you think about jade rollers? Did you tried them out?


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