Farm Skin Superfood Salad Facial Sheet Masks: Review


Colder weather is upon us, and with it our skin is changing. Heating and cold, crisp air can make a big impact on it. Although our skin is combination and goes more to the oily side during summer, with colder weather it becomes dry and dehydrated. Because our skin doesn’t love greasy creams or even some oils, we have to be extra careful when choosing products. And because of all that, we love face masks. Sheet masks have become a big favorite in the last couple of years, and has become our favorite as well. They were invented in Korea, and we all know how much attention Korean women give to face skin care, it goes to that extent that their morning and evening routine consist of 12 steps!

Sheet masks can be made from various materials such as cotton, hydrogel and paper, and are soaked in high concentrated serum, most often with hyaluronic acid and vitamins. These masks achieve a fast and visible effects on the skin and that’s why we love them. We are testing new masks very oftenly, so in today’s posts we will write about our favorite ones which we tested thus far. We are talking about Superfood Salad for Skin (Farm skin) face masks which are made of HI-Tencel fibers obtained from eucalyptus tree cellulose.

Thanks to that, masks are 100% bio degradable and have no negative effects on the environment. Masks are filled with ingredients that are excellent for skin care and for solving skin problems. They offer 12 types of masks, and we tried out 3 of them. What we really liked is that they were soaked in serum, some would say even too much soaked. After putting the mask on our faces , we would use the remaining serum from the bag and apply it to our neck and upper chest, they need care too, right? So, here are the masks that we tried and our impressions of them.

Face mask – BEET
farm skin

Most of us overlook beet and don’t consider it a superfood, which it most definitely is! This root vegetable has always been known as a cure for anemia. But it’s also unique for it’s high content of anti cancerous substances and carotenoids. We mustn’t forget that beet is a great source of folic acid and it’s filled with antioxidants which prevent premature aging of our organism and helps in fighting many diseases. This mask is soaked in watery type of hydrating and skin lightening essence. enriched with beet extract and hyaluronic acid, it great for any skin type. Mask is applied on a clean face and is kept there for 15 to 20 minutes, and of course is not rinsed off afterwards. After it, we usually apply face cream. Our face looks really nourished and healthy after it.

Face mask – COCONUT
farm skin

We love coconut, and along with great taste, it is very nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6 and minerals such as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. This mask is different form the previous one because is soaked in rich creamy essence. It is perfect for days when our skin is dry and dehydrated. It goes great with all skin types especially the dry ones. We noticed that after wearing this mask, our skin is nourished and additional plus is that it doesn’t create problems like acne or pimples on our mixed skin.

Face mask- GREEN TEA
farm skin

Although we’re not fans of drinking green tea, we are aware of it’s many health benefits. It lowers risk of heart attack and protects cardiovascular system. It lowers cholesterol, and we don’t have to mention it’s anti cancerous features. This mask is soaked in watery type of essence to soothe the skin. Green tea extracts offers skin protection and enables it to rejuvenate itself. Containing a lot of tannins, green tea has beneficial and soothing effects on irritated skin. Same like with previous two, this mask is really soaked in serum, and after 20 minutes, skin feels and looks much more healthier and fresh.


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