Cream That i Buy Again and Again – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

face cream

When you’re having mixed skin that is also very sensitive it’s very hard to find appropriate hydrating cream. Often, when my skin was dry and i put on hydrating cream, tomorrow morning I would wake up with acne. That was the case until I tried Kiehl’s cream and I can’t do without it ever since. So much that I always have one in reserve. It has a very light texture, offers 24h hydration and at the same time doesn’t cause any problems with your skin. My skin looks healthier right away. The cream is formulated with glacial glycoprotein and squalane, an olive derivative. It is not greasy, sticky and it doesn’t have intensive odor, as a matter of fact, I could say that it doesn’t have any odor at all. I’m not a fan of creams with a strong scent, they make me nauseated and my eyes sting.

face cream

Another big plus is fast absorption. Although Kiehl’s says that you don’t need to put the cream around the eyes, I had no problems with my sensitive eyes. I also think this cream would suit absolutely all skin types and even the extremely dry ones. You can buy this cream on LookFantastic or Kiehl´s own page.

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