Cosmel Cosmetics – My Top Picks


For the last few years, as i started to use more natural cosmetics, I’ve been discovering more and more  brands that have top quality products and take extra care towards ingredients. What especially makes happy is that a lot of natural cosmetics brands come from Croatia. Cosmel is one of them. As I’ve read on their website, Cosmel comes from two words; Cos represents cosmetics and Mel Melita, creator of these products. Do you turn into little detectives when it comes to cosmetics? I do, i like to know from where do brands comes from and what ingredients they use because at the end of the day, those products are going on your skin. It’s important to know!


We tried two Cosmel products and were so thrilled with them that we now want to try out everything they have in offer. Let’s start with around the eyes cream. I’m always waging war with this area, it’s oftenly dry and very, very sensitive; it reacts with tears on absolutely everything. Eye Cream Extra Sensitive is just that! Extra gentle cream for extra gentle and extra sensitive skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, mineral complex, organic oils and natural extracts. Oils that are used come from almonds, jojoba, avocado and marigold as well as grape and tangerine seeds. Natural extracts that are used are from puzzlegrass, green tea and daisies. I was suprised by puzzlegrass, because i usually drink it’s tea but I never really noticed it in creams. It is regarded as one of the most oldest plants on earth. The more i read about it, the more i began to understand why puzzlegrass was one of the ingredients. It strengthens connective tissues, hydrates and works wonders with dry and inflamed skin. Cream itself is very gentle, without any intensive scent. It is very nurturing, but not greasy. I’ve noticed that my skin looks much better and healthier. And my eyes didn’t water! Pretty cool, right?


A lot of people are saying that tonics are essential when it comes to preserving a healthy skin look. They hydrate, have anti age effect and clean pores. As with around the eyes cream, I was also thrilled with ingredients of Fresh Hydro Toner. They are: natural croatian mineral water, orange hydrolase, aloe vera, green tea, blueberry and ginger. Reading them alone feels like reciting a recipe of some delicious and refreshing tea. As well as delicious, these ingredients also hydrate and have antioxidant effects on the skin. What i like the best, is the refreshing scent (as i mentioned, like a delicious tea) and how well the skin absorbs it. Ihad prior experiences with tonics that are very sticky and you feel like they just sit on your skin. But with this one, that’s not the case. And it’s alcohol free!