Bioturm Shampoo For Greasy Hair No.101 Review

Shampoos are one of those products that we constantly change and trying out new ones in futile attempt to find the ONE. Do you have the same problem?

A few years ago, we started to use natural shampoos and our hair is in much better shape then before. Thing is, we have totally different hair from each other, one is thick and the other is quite silky and thin. But one thing our hair have in common is that it gets greasy pretty quick. To be honest, we could wash it every day. But, since we know that washing it everyday is not good to it, and that it makes it dry and more fragile, we try to resist that urge.




If you don’t know about Bellavita, now’s the time to tell you more about this shop. In Bellavita, you can find natural organic and certified products at really affordable prices. And we put emphasis on price because we all know how pricey natural cosmetics can get which then becomes a big turn off for a lot of potential customers. Bellavita has products from Bioturm which are natural certified cosmetic products  from Germany. Products are made without: GMO, synthetic colors and aromas, silicone, paraffin oil, PEG (polyethylene glycol) and are not tested on animals.




Shampoo for greasy hair No.101 comes in a beautiful 200ml bottle. Packaging for hair products has beautiful design with various motifs, and for this shampoo motif is Caboclo de Lanca, a carnival manifestation from Brazil. Shampoo has a citrus smell because of the lemon oil, but at the same time is really mild. Aside from lemon oil, ingredients are: zinc salt, birch extract, and a mild herbal cleanser. When washing your hair with it, you have a feeling like you put balm on your hair, you can easily go through hair with your fingers, hair is exceptionally soft while still having volume, which quite surprised us. We didn’t noticed dandruff nor pimples on our scalp, which wasn’t rare with previous shampoos. Our hair looks much better and doesn’t grease up so much like before, so we can say with certainty that this shampoo works. It has a price of £5, and you can buy it in the store or web shop, and additional plus is that the delivery is free in Croatia.




Although is still early to tell you our verdict on Bioturm deodorant with silver INTENSIV DYNAMISCH NO.87 , we will only tell you its features, and you can expect a detailed on our Instagram profile. Biodurm deodorant contains a combination of silver and natural mineral alum and they enable effective action against bacteria that cause unpleasant smells. Scent is mild and woody, and micro-silver is produced by special procedure using vacuum without any chemical additions which makes it perfect for use in natural cosmetics.


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