Biobaza New age Mimosa – Micellar Oil Review

Ulje za skidanje šminke

Biobaza Micellar Makeup Cleansing Oil [photo: biobaza]

Although we don’t put make up very often, a make up remover is a staple of our cosmetics shelves. Why? Well, you are aware how everybody always talks about how important is to remove your make up before sleep. That is important, because your skin will age more rapidly if it’s not cleansed, pores remain clogged and cause acne and pimples… Our first choice was Micellar water, but 6 months ago we decided to try out Micellar oil from Biobaza. This Croatian company has products that are tailored for sensitive skin because they are free from preservatives, iritants, smells(perfumes) and colors, and products have not been tested on animals. They also have a high rate of natural ingredients.

One of the main ingredients of this micellar oils are: almond, castor and olive oil and mimosa extract. We have to inform you that we took the picture of the product from their website, because our bottle got totaly destroyed. The bottle cap “melted” and distorted, and the label got erased. Good new is, that is the only downside of this product.

It is simply applied, you massage few drops (we usually put 5) onto dry skin, add a little water, and massage it again and rinse. Although our eyes are sensitive, they didn’t sting from using this product, not a bit. After using it, skin isn’t greasy and all make up is gone. We have a mixed skin, which is more oily than dry, so we were worried about using micellar oil, but to our surprise, it didn’t make us any problems.  Products comes in a 150ml bottle and price is around 8‎£.


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