Bershka Bronzer And Eyeshadow Palette Review (+Swatches!)


bershka makeup bronzer and palette


Did you know that Bershka did makeup? We just recently found out about it. I was looking for  a new bronzer, and Bershka makeup popped up on my browsing page. I wasn’t expecting much, but I clicked for a look anyway (they were on sale!). And i have to say I was surprised. From the eyeshadow palettes to the lip stain, to the nail polishes that smell like berries and of course, bronzers. I always love to try makeup before buying, but with Bershka I decided to ‘take a risk’ (they really had a pretty good deals). I ordered eyeshadow palette, bronzer and nail polish.

I was excited yet anxious at the same time when that parcel arrived home haha! But after opening it, that risk really payed off. All three products came in cute millennial pink boxes with a simple graphic.


bershka makeup


Let’s start first with eyeshadow palette. They had four different palettes on offer but I got the one called Angelic Smokey. The pallete is in a plain black case with a mirror on the inside and six shades in total, ranging from a white shimmer to the earthly toned and classic black. The consistency is smooth, pigmented and has great staying power. They are so easy to work with, and the diversity of colors make it easy to create different looks. Price 9.99€. (they’re on sale now for 2.99€). You can buy it here.


bershka makeup


Now onto the bronzer! Just look at this color, it’s amazing right? Thanks to its wet and dry formula, it is easy to create both, softly sunkissed or  a darker, more intense tan. Which is exactly what I was looking for! It comes in four different shades; 01 pool spirit, 02 paradise hack, 03 desert glow, 04 holiday vibes.


beshka makeup bronzer


I bought the 03 desert glow, which is supposed to be the perfect shade for medium skin tones. Although it looks slightly shimmery in the box, there is no shimmer or glitter on the skin once applied. It is really just a nice sheen when in direct sunlight, so you don’t need a highlighter when wearing this. I rarely wear blush and I always rely on a bronzer for a little bit of color, and this Bershka bronzer has officially became my favorite bronzer of all time. Best of all, it is paraben-free and not tested on animals! Price 9.99€. (they’re on sale now for 2.99€). You can buy it here.


bershka makeup bronzer


Only thing that I didn’t like is the nail polish. The color is pretty, and it really smells like berries, but the formula is to sticky and thick. It looked really messy on my nails. And just after about one hour, I already had major chips in my nails.


Has any of you tried Bershka Beauty already? Tell us what you think!


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