Avril Micellar Solution and Face Cleansing Gel | Review


I have to admit that I haven’t been familiar with Avril cosmetics until I browsed through terra organica’s website. I often browse absolutely every category from top to bottom in order to find out what organic cosmetics are on offer. What firstly drew me to Avril products are their description; natural and organic cosmetics. Then I checked the ingredients on my Clean Beauty app. I also liked their packaging, which is very minimal, as well as the design of products themselves. But, their name… Please raise your hand if the first thought was Avril Lavigne! I don’t even need to tell you how I sang β€žHe was a skater boy she said, see you later, boy, he wasn’t good enough for her” the entire day.

Avril is a cosmetics brand from France. It was founden in 2012 with a mission to bring organic products with affordable prices to every woman. They adhere to their high standards which involve quality, protecting the environment, price and the service itself. Each of their products have an independent ECOCERT certificate. This guarantees that there are at least 95% herbal ingredients with controlled biological origin in every product. In accordance to European regulations, Avril does not test on animals, whether it’s their raw materials or their final products.

Avril eau micellare

The first product I’ve put in my cart was Avril’s micellar solution. Product comes in a 500ml plastic bottle and costs 55kn. It is a very good price for a natural and organic product. One of the ingredients is aloe vera which hydrates the skin very nicely. Scent is very gentle as well as the solution itself. I have to stress that it haven’t burned my eyes at all, which is usually the case for me when it comes to micellar solutions. What really surprised me was how good it was with makeup removal. You just need to pass it gently over your skin and the makeup is completely gone!

As the downside, I would say it’s the bottle. Although I liked it at first because of its simplicity, a started to notice problems later on. The bottle cap has a leak somewhere, so if you plan on taking your micellar solution with you on a trip, I suggest you don’t. Half of the bottle leaked inside my cosmetics bag.


Cleansing gel from Avril also comes in a minimal packaging, this one is in a tube. It has a very subtle and gentle scent. It contains organic aloe vera and marigold extract. It is very mild and id doesn’t dry out your skin. I think it would go great with every skin type, including the sensitive one. Products does not contain SLS, SLES but natural surfactants from coconut which are biodegradable and environment friendly. I really liked this gel and will certainly continue using it, especially during warm months.  

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  • Sarah
    September 4, 2021

    Love this!

    • Tia Teilli
      September 30, 2021

      thank you πŸ™‚