Avène Hydrance Optimale UV Light Hydrating Cream: Review



If you have a greasy skin, hydrating your face may pose a problem. It is very difficult to find a suitable moisturizer that will nourish your skin but won’t make it dry. We personally don’t like moisturizers that claim to mattify the skin and the reason is simple; we have a feeling that the moisturizer just sits on the skin’s surface and doesn’t do anything. And honestly, we don’t mind the healthy skin glow, in fact we actually love it.As we used up our Avene moisturizer Hydrance Optimale legere, it is a good time to write our impressions of it.

Avene are usually cosmetics that everyone generally talks positive about and stress how it’s great for sensitive skin. Moisturizer comes comes in a simple 40ml tube and it lasted us for about 6 months, but bear in mind that we didn’t put it on every day.

Structure is light, it’s not greasy and is quickly absorbed. We have to point that the smell is light and subtle which is always a plus for us. It didn’t caused any pimples nor did it cause any additional greasiness.

It also works great as a base before make up, and high concentration of Avene thermal water calms the skin and provides a sense of comfort. This moisturizer is paraben free and hypoallergenic, and price is £14.50.


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