Cleopatra International Sugar Paste: Review


sugar paste


Waxing, waxing, waxing. A woman’s everyday nightmare. After using razors that oftenly bring massacre in the bathroom like in the horror movies, we decided to give epilator a chance. We have to admit that it hurts really bad, but after we endured the pain, we were satisfied with the results. But, after a brief time, when hairs started to grow, legs were sore, and filled with ingrown hairs. And from that day forward, the epilator made his permanent residence inside a box, deep into the drawer.


sugar paste


The next method was egyptian wax. You probably heard of sugar paste which painlessly removes hair leaving legs perfectly smooth without iritation and ingrows. We went to DM and bought Cleopatra paste. We loved that the product is made in Croatia and 100% natural. Cleopatra International comes in various kinds, we selected Soft-Epil, which among sugar and lemon mixture, has marigold and aloe vera extracts that are known for their soothing effects on irritated skin. Product itself comes in plastic container with spatula and usage instructions. Before waxing, skin has to be clean and dry. Waxing is performed with hands, but if you have a problem with sweaty palms, you can use the spatula. Waxing with our hands was pretty sticky and difficult for us, therefore we used the spatula which made the whole process much easier and cleaner. Paste is applied in opposite direction of the hair growth, and removed in the hair growth direction.


sugar paste


So, if Cleopatra could do it, so can we. As for the pain, we have to say that they are minimal. After the waxing, skin gets red, but the redness soon retreats. Another great thing with this paste is that the hairs grow so much slower than they use to, so that we had to wax again after whole 2 weeks. Pretty great, right? With time, you will get more quicker with it, develop your own technique, and the hairs will get more thinner and more slower in growth. A big thumbs up from us.


Photo: Tia Teilli

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