Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar: The Review


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We, as probably everybody on Earth, love Lush. When we enter their store, it’s like we entered a chocolate factory; everything looks so tempting, frangrant and delicious like candy. Do you agree with us?

Soft Coeur is easily our favorite massage bar, and when you take a look at ingredients you’ll know why. It’s made out of real chocolate! Besides chocolate, there’s honey, bergamot and almond oil. Except smelling like the most delicious cake you’ve ever came across of(we were tempted countless times to take a bite of it), this bar also does a great job of hydrating your skin, so sometimes we simply use it as a body cream or butter. Smell is great, and being that we are not a big fan of flowery smells this light and velvety suits us just right and it’s really long lasting. We love it to put it on in the night, and wake up in the morning smelling heavenly. We assume that our pajamas also likes that. Not just you and your pajamas, everything, from your blanket to your whole room smells great.

Only downside, if we have to say it, is a big block of chocolate in the middle of it. Why in the world would this be a negative side?! Sounds crazy, right? Well, the thing is, when you use it and when the bar is slowly at it’s end, the chocolate starts to leave brown marks, which doesn’t look pretty. When you start to rub it in the skin it starts to peel, which also doesn’t look pretty, so we are unfortunately forced to throw it away despite not being used to the max. Price is around 8$ for 30g, so that piece with chocolate that you have to have to throw away, makes us a little bitter. But overall, this product is great and we love using it.

Do you use Lush and their massage products? Do you have your favorite?


Photo: Tia Teilli

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