3 Face Masks That we Can Imagine Our Life Without


For the last few years, I’ve been really careful about which products I put on my skin. Before buying a single product, I conduct a thorough research about the ingredients that go into that product. Because, let’s be realistic, all beauty companies will praise their formulas to the skies just to sell more products. We all wish that this was true, but reality is far from it. Most of those products are filled with chemicals and bad ingredients which not only do nothing for your skin, but there is a possibility they’ll make things even worse.

About roughly 8 years ago, I had a bad experience with acne (although, are there any good experiences with them?). My face was basically attacked by them overnight. Painful, cystic acne were resisting everything I tried to get rid of them. Nothing helped, so I went to see a dermatologist. You would think that going there would solve my problem, but you would be wrong. I got a lot of products that made my skin so dry that it would hurt when i smiled. That’s when I said enough is enough! I started researching, reading and came to realize that I could do a lot of it on my own. First order of business was, of course, changing the diet. It all starts from it. I also changed the entire preparative and decorative cosmetics. I realized that preparative cosmetics are very important. I started using products that don’t have so much hype around them but have quality ingredients. Results started to show, slowly but surely. And guess what? Now I can go out filled with confidence, without any foundation on my skin. Back in the day, that was unthinkable.      

Then I introduced face masks into my routine. First mask that I started with was homemade. Clay! I’m sure that you’re familiar with its healthy benefits. Clay that I use to this day at least twice a month is Bentonit clay. This fine volcanic ash is a strong detox and is very healthy. Although it can be used orally, I use it as a face mask. One teaspoon of clay is mixed with a little bit of apple vinegar and water. Then I applied the mask for about 10 minutes. But be careful! This clay mustn’t come into contact with metal, so use a plastic or wooden spoon to mix it. After this mask, face can be a little red but it quickly calms down. This is still my favorite face cleansing mask.

But, if I’m not in the mood for mixing or I’m on the road travelling, I will almost always opt for Ordinary face mask. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque also contains clay, with addition of salicylic acid and coal. These ingredients will cleanse your pores beautifully, and will also improve skin’s texture. After the mask, you can almost immediately notice that your skin softer and more healty looking. No wonder since salicylic acid helps remove dead skin cells from your face.

I haven’t used moisturizing face masks a lot, especially when I had acne. They usually contain a lot of ingredients that causes them to immediately pop up on my face. So I approach moisturizing masks with extreme caution. Moisturizing mask from Avril has great ingredients and I haven’t had any problems with it. It has aloe vera and shea butter which makes it effective for sensitive and dry skin. I don’t use it every week though, only when i feel the need for it. Avril cosmetics are tested and certified by strict ECOCERT rules, it doesn’t contain parabens and 99% of the ingredients are natural origin.

Most recent mask tha we both tried and absolutely loved was from Afrodita. Art of spa yogurt/grapes body and face mask does not only has a heavenly scent, but it absolutely works. Mask doesn’t contain parabens, silicones or artificial colors. It hydrates and face is not greasy afterwards.