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Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream | Review


Avocado is definitely amongst my most favorite fruits. Yes, avocado is really a fruit. I love it in any possible way. Avocado on tost, avocado pudding, even in my around the eyes cream. I'm sure that you've heard about Kiehl's avocado eye cream. This highly praised cream gets a thumbs up from me as well. ...

Vegan American Pancakes


I believe that there aren't a lot of people outh there who don't like pancakes. I personally adore them! I could eat them basically every day, with absolutely every filling. I love sweet pancakes, salty, classic ones and american. If you're not familiar with american pancakes, they are smaller, thicker and more fluffier. As for ...

Peter Thomas Roth Scrub: Scrub That Really Works!


As the seasons change, so does our nutrition, wardrobe and cosmetics change as well. In the winter, our skin need more hydration, more masks to  feed and nourish it, but during the summer it is completely different. At least for my skin. Since the hot days and hot nights arrived, my skin has switched from ...