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Pop & Suki Takeout Bag Is The Newest It-Bag To Obsess Over


If you still haven’t heard about the brand Pop & Suki, it is time to change that. Founded by television presenter Poppy Jamie and actress Suki Waterhouse, both well know in fashion world, this brand will make your jaw drop. Think of it as a mix of fifties and sixties, with a bit of pastels and pretty affordable price tags. Perfection, right? If you still don’t know about what we’re talking about, here is a quick explanation. Bags, bags, bags!

Healthy No-Bake Energy Balls Recipe


If you consider yourself a healthy food lover, or food in general, especially desserts, then you’ll love today’s recipe.

More than a month ago, we made energy bars (check out the recipe here). Since we loved them very much, we decided to try and test different ingredients while remaining in the domain of healthy food. Couple of recipes later, we managed to make perfect healthy balls.

5 Simple Beauty Tricks To Deal With A Bad Skin Day


It happens to all of us. Bad skin day. We all get through it, right? A pimple here, panda eye circles there. And what irritates us the most, is that the ‘bad skin day’ always seem to pop up at the worst of times. Like, taking a picture for ID (Ugh..). But through out the years we have learned what works best for our skin, and also few tricks that like magic, turn our skin from dull and flaky to the glowy and healthy. In just a few minutes. Here is our secret