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How to Make Tea Infused Bath Bombs – Quick and Easy


There is nothing more soothing than to end a stressful day with a nice hot bath. Just add bubbles, light a few candles, maybe put on some relaxing music, and you’re instantly calm. It is a classic but it always works.
Self-care is really important. Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that we somehow as the days and weeks go by, forget to take care of our personal needs.

Slip Skirts Are The Only Items You Need This Summer


What do you think about slip skirt trend? We’re so here for it! There is something about that shiny fabric that can transform even the most boring outfit into a super-chic look.  Not to mention the styling options are endless. We found that we could wear this type of skirt in literally any way we wanted to. For casually look, we wear it with graphic t-shirt and sneakers, and for a bit dressed up look, with crop top and heels.

Baking Soda Beauty Hacks That Actually Work


We’re sure you have a box of baking soda in your house right now! Pretty much everyone knows that this ingredient can be used for a hundred different things – from baking to cleaning. Best of all, it is easily available, inexpensive, and can be used to treat a lot of different issues. And by the ‘issues’ we mean acne, dark circles under your eyes, blackheads… do we need to say more?!